Tinrocket, LLC offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Software development for Mac OS and Windows, including end-user, client & server applications, code porting & language conversion
  • Code library development with an emphasis on clean, easy-to-use APIs
  • Expertise in the field of computer graphics, including 3d visualization, interface design & workflow automation
  • Development of application and presentation software based on our graphics & animation frameworks for REALbasic.

Software Development

Our offer software development services aim to solve unique or specialized problems such as graphics production automation or providing software tools as in the form of application programs or code libraries.

  • General Development: We can design and deploy your application across multiple platforms, upgrade legacy code or port your software to another platform.
  • Interface Design: We can provide interface solutions to you or your customers that are clear, simple, & conform to the conventions of your target platform.
  • Data Conversion: We can write tools to move your files or data to a standard format or move your data directly from “Format A” to “Format C” without having to go through “Format B” or through separate software packages.
  • Workflow Automation: Need to move data around or process files? We can gladly write tools that do the boring, repetitive stuff you or your staff hate doing.
  • Coding: Need help writing code for your software project? For almost a decade, our particular area of expertise has been working with the REALbasic development environment.

Computer Graphics

Tinrocket, LLC also specializes in 2D & 3D computer graphics, whether developing with OpenGL or modeling and rendering industrial design prototypes or exhibition spaces.

  • Data Visualization: We’ll find the ideal visual representations for your data. Don’t force your data into some awkward solution offered by off-the-shelf software — maintain the integrity of your data by letting us tailor an editing, reporting or graphing tool to fit your needs.
  • Graphics Automation: We provide custom tools to aid with your company’s graphics production through template construction, data management & application scripting.
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering: See it before you build it! We offer 3D modeling, rendering, & visualization services using CINEMA 4D (Just in case you needed to know). We can work from rough sketches or final blueprints to help give you a clearer picture.


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