May 10, 2004

Tinrocket, LLC is pleased to announce the development of a new game & animation toolkit for REALbasic developers. SuperSpriteSurface 1.0 is a set of classes for REALbasic that provides an improved alternative to the built in SpriteSurface control. SuperSpriteSurface uses OpenGL 2D functions to offload the graphics processing to your computer’s video card.

Current Release

This is the official release of SuperSpriteSurface 1.0. Thank you to everyone who participated in testing the Betas! Please refer to the version history included in the downloadable archive (linked below) for a list of changes.

We working to put togther a “quick start” guide as well as a general overview of how to use SuperSpriteSurface. In the meantime, SuperSpriteSurface includes several detailed & commented demos, as well as the complete API reference.


SuperSpriteSurface 1.0 (SSS) is a REALbasic framework (set of encrypted classes), not a plugin (think, “drop-in” rather than, “plug-in”). That means that these classes must be imported into your REALbasic project before they can be used.


SuperSpriteSurface works with REALbasic 5.x and higher. REALbasic 5.2.x or REALbasic 5.5 is recommended.

Windows and Linux are not yet supported, as are not Mach-O builds on OS X. This is due to missing support in the open source REALbasic OpenGL declare library used by SSS. Once this library is updated for the missing platforms, Mach-O should be easily supported, and with a little extra work on my part, a Windows version of SSS could be just around the corner.

If you do not have REALbasic and are interested in SuperSpriteSurface to create games or animation, take heart: The SuperSpriteSurface downloadable archive contains pre-compiled Macintosh application versions of the SuperSpriteSurface demos that will let you see what it can do without requiring REALbasic.

If you are curious enough to take the next step and try REALbasic, you may download a demo version of REALbasic from REAL Software here which will even work with SuperSpriteSurface.


The per license cost of SuperSpriteSurface is $29.95.


Please read the Read Me file, and have fun!

SSS_1.0.sit (2.63Mb)