November 25, 2004

Author: John Balestrieri

This hare is a test to see whether or not it is possible to quickly model, pose and render an expressive 3d character for children’s books illustration.

I have used a low resolution mesh to give the silhouette an angular finish. I have chosen shaders that gave a soft, modeled appearance to the hare while at the same time enhanced the silhouette with rim highlighting.

Rigging complete -- unfortunately, Cinema 4D's MOCCA Soft IK system did not work as well as I had hoped. Single light source. Below are two renderings with color adjustment in PhotoShop.

Partial rigging of the model and texture changes -- no more Sketch & Toon. Single light source. Unadjusted output from Cinema 4D.

Completed model, unrigged & in neutral pose. Modeling & rendering in Cinema 4D, using Sketch & Toon for the strokes. Single light source. Minor color adjustment in PhotoShop.