Poor Man's CVS
July 25, 2004

This is an AppleScript for Folder Actions that will allow you to keep organized and sorted backup copies of whatever project your working on (word processing, PhotoShop, REALbasic, etc. documents), using the Finder, without the overkill of a CVS system.

Assign this script to a folder you want to be an archive folder via the Finder’s Folder Actions. Then, option-drag (copy) the files you want archive into the archive folder. The duplicate files will then be placed into a subfolder named with the current time that resides within a parent folder named with the current date.

You can now make backup copies of your folders/files, keeping their original file names intact, rather than create variations named “...01”, “...02”, or “...copy 1”, “...copy 2”. This is an advantage when working on files that need to be referenced by name, such as with external REALbasic items or web graphics and source files.

archive_items.sit (3.01Kb)