Custom XML Export
March 22, 2003

CustomXMLExport is a sample filter plugin that allows you to export CINEMA 4D scenes as XML. This sample plugin shows how to use the XML classes in the file, “tinrocketXML.coh”, which formats your content and structure into a valid XML file.

The XML classes were written to facilitate C4D scene, object & data export for game & software development purposes. This sample plugin could be adapted to your software project’s production pipeline very easily.

This plugin is independent of the native C4D XML format, which is not documented and had recently disapeared for one release (8.0). It is therefore available for your use when the built-in options for exporting your scenes in a human-readable format is not supported by C4D.

Requires CINEMA 4D v7.3 or v8.x or higher.

Download (9.88Kb)