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GraphicConverter Adds Atkinson Dithering
December 1, 2007


Windows Photoshop Plug-in
June 19, 2007

Martin Koch has developed a Photoshop implementation of the Atkinson dithering algorithm. Windows only.


Macworld: Creative Notes
March 16, 2007

A short article on HyperDither appears on the Macworld site; it contains some very good suggestion for using the filter with spot color and varnish plates for offset printing.

I may also suggest that it would be a welcome alternative in flexographic printing processes, where noticeable 1-bit dithering is often used.

If you are a printer and end up producing any comparisons tests between Atkinson and “PhotoShop” dithering, I would be very interested in seeing samples.


Command-line Tool
March 14, 2007

For those of you looking to perform Atkinson dithering either on platforms other than OS X or from the command-line, Atkinson dithering has been added to Netpbm: ““Netpbm is a package of graphics programs and a programming library”:”.

A -atkiknson option has been added to pamditherbw.