Start Your Propellers
April 9, 2002

Author: John Balestrieri

These are some early images from the game. For testing purposes, the plane’s path was tracked with a line. The grid on the ground plane is a stand-in for terrain that will be added later.

OpenGL is used as the rendering engine. The wireframe graphics are rendered fullscreen with anti-aliasing and alpha transparency. The effect (minus the menubar) is a convicing stand-in for a vector display device!

Here we are starting out and taking a gentle banking turn.

The camera tracks the plane smoothly while taking a vertical climb. The Necker Cube effect is a problem in perceiving the correct orientation of the plane, and will need additional visual cues to be clearer. (The propeller, pilot and rear stabilizer are absent in this model.)

Firing off a round.

Here you can see much of the plane's path as I the plane flys back through it.