About AeroCombat
April 7, 2002

Author: John Balestrieri

This section is dedicated to a mini-game that I am putting together. The goal is to create a fun, retro-arcade experience.

I’m building the game while concurrently developing a modest 3d engine using REALbasic & OpenGL. REALbasic & OpenGL can handle large amounts of texture mapped polygons, but I’m limiting the graphics realism by design & elegance and simplicity is the goal. (It also makes asset production easier)

An argument for minimalism in games was recently made by the New York Times in an article entitled, “Realism May Be Taking the Fun Out of Games“ get it while it’s hot.

July 6, 2002

First stab at plane AI.

Some Color
June 25, 2002

The rudiments of game play.

Start Your Propellers
April 9, 2002

Test flight.