Some Color
June 25, 2002

Author: John Balestrieri

I’ve been making lots of changes to my OpenGL framework, but here’s something new on the game side: I added 20 drones (green) to the combat arena. Right now, the drones are steering by random commands.

The green planes look nice don't they? Kinda like dragonflys. (Still no propeller on the plane model.)

Some chasing on my part.

More chasing... this is fun!

Hmm, getting bored... lets try adding 50 drones.

Here, I've set the drones to fire a shot everytime my plane fires. I've limited all planes to 20 bullets each, so for 51 planes, that's 1020 bullet objects flying around -- frame rates are still high. Things will start to slow down once I start checking for collisions, however.

That was close!