Progress Roadmap
June 20, 2007

This document shows the current development status of the components that make up SuperGraphics 1.0. It will be updated throughout the development cycle.

It currently lists the status of the core SuperGraphics components, plus three implementations: CoreGraphicsBitmap, CoreGraphicsPDF, & SVG

Features_Implementation_062007-05.pdf (43.49Kb)
Text Drawing & Font Handling
December 17, 2006

Text drawing & font handling were designed & implemented early on but it’s taken a while to sit down and write an overview of the most complicated system in SuperGraphics. What follows is a rundown of this system…


July 25, 2006

The basic gradient classes and functions are done. For the moment, that includes implementations in SuperGraphicsCoreGraphics and SuperGraphicsSVG of linear gradients. Radial gradients will, um, round-out the gradient functionality.


Project Background
July 22, 2006

This is the first posting in the SuperGraphics development log; we discuss the reasons for writing a unified graphics API for REALbasic as well as some of the general capabilities of the SuperGraphics framework.